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Take events to a whole new level

Aerial Solutions is the valley's premier hot air balloon event organizer. We can help you bring balloons to your next event! Whether it’s a single balloon at a Grand Opening or fifty at a Glow or Festival, we have the experience, knowledge and expertise to make the event exceed all your expectations.

Special shaped balloons create a huge impact and our traditional balloons are seven story tall “glowing light bulbs” creating jaw dropping impressions. Live music, food, concessions and specialties for the children make this a thrilling family event. Our full blown festivals also include flying and competitions. Imagine the morning sky over your location filled with Hot Air Balloons.

Behind the scene of a Special Event there are a thousand details; parking, security, permits, traffic control, etc.. Aerial Solutions takes care of them all. It’s this attention to detail that makes our events so successful. We’re not just balloon pilots, we’re advertising and promotions specialists with almost thirty years combined experience flying for, and promoting, both the ABC and CBS television affiliates in the Phoenix market. We WILL make your event a success.

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